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Fourteen percent of properties with a sponsor in the casino category report a partnership with a Caesars Entertainment brand. Selling Sponsorship To Casinos Below, hot buttons and suggestions for properties pitching deals to commercial and tribal casinos:.

Together, the following gaming brands make up the Mansion Group:. Changing The Live Sports Broadcast. Provide essential services or programming that will improve the well-being of at-risk individuals. Big spenders in traditional media, casinos often look for guaranteed advertising exposure to be included in sponsorship packages. Casino sponsors an active category, casinos have raised their sponsorship ante of late, with both commercial and tribal casinos signing a number of new deals over the past six months. Foxwoods Resort Casino, which already operates a tribal casino in Connecticut, and SugarHouse Casino, a commercial enterprise, have the two available licenses to develop casinos in Philadelphia and are moving ahead with their plans despite continuing community opposition. Log in here Subscribe Today.

Caesars Entertainment Corp. is the most active sponsor in terms of number of deals, with 14 percent of properties with a sponsor in the casino. Casinos expand use of sponsorship to promote live music and other forms of Below, tips on selling and working with companies in the casino. SaskGaming, through Casinos Regina & Moose Jaw, is proud to contribute of our annual activities, types of investments and significant sponsorships.

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